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    Welcome to The John Bauld Photography (JBP) archive. This photography archive is a great place to view some of the stories I was a part of between the time span of 2008 – 2015. You'll see how my photography career has evolved through my older work, the blog posts I've written, and the video interview. It's an excellent place to take inspiration and visit some of the venues that clients have chosen to use as the backdrop to their photos. Also, some of the destination weddings I photographed in exotic locations appear here. My philosophy is to portray truth, creativity, and integrity in the images that I take. I look forward to meeting you. JBP

    “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius

Kaycelyn & Jeff

Kaycelyn (KC) and Jeff’s travel-themed, yogi wedding held at Toronto’s stunning lakefront Palais Royale, was a reflection of how their big day came to be. While both travelling abroad solo to South America, they never could have known that the trip would be the beginning to their love story. I met KC through Moksha Yoga about four years or so back where we became good friends, and even played on the same beach volleyball team together for a summer. What I loved best about this wedding, is the love that they hold for one another, which is so evident. The boardwalk along Lake Ontario as well as the partner yoga images made their photos fun, and very relaxed. As newlyweds they reside in Hamiota, Manitoba, not far from Brandon where Jeff is originally from. KC is infusing the prairie town with her love of teaching yoga, and this is certainly one of those wedding days that reminds me as to why I originally decided to take on weddings many years ago.

Danielle & Aaron

Danielle & Aaron ushered in spring with their wedding at Beach Grove Golf & Country Club in one of the most southern regions of Canada near Windsor, ON. It was truly an honour to be referred for this wedding by my first photography teacher Ian, and be a part of his son in law’s big day. Ian had been a major influence on my career choice to pursue photography from back at our days at M.M. Robinson HS. The combination of the G & C.C, along with the aligning of perfect weather, made for a fabulous day overall.

Booking your Wedding Photographer

When the time comes to book a photographer for your wedding day, it will most likely be your first experience with this kind of thing – where do you start? Relax, as this article will aid you in the decision making process. There are many important decisions to be made in planning a wedding, and your choice in photographer will certainly play a part in your overall experience. Read the full article >>

Lisa & Kevin

Lisa & Kevin’s autumn wedding was an afternoon coverage absolutely perfect for their photography needs. Rodman Hall, at Brock University made for a wonderful backdrop to their images, and we had plenty of time to explore the entire grounds. Beautiful Rockaway Glen Golf Course and Winery completed the theme to their Niagara Region wedding, and Cathy Davis, of Kettle Creek Weddings officiated the most perfect ceremony. If you are considering planning your wedding in southern Ontario’s wine region, strongly consider these incredible vendors.

Marta & Jordan

We had perfect weather for Marta & Jordan’s big day, which made for a nicely flowing itinerary in Oakville. Their ceremony was at St. John’s United Church, followed by photos at the stunning Gairloch Gardens on Lake Ontario. The reception took place at Banquet Royale, in Mississauga. A big thank you goes out to my friend Dave for suggesting me for their photos, as you can see, they make a lovely couple! Both the engagement & wedding were a ton of fun.

Angela & Johar

Lakeside Park in Oakville, Ontario provided a perfect backdrop for Angela Parvati & Johar’s wedding pictures. I met them at this visually charming park where we concentrated on primarily capturing images of the couple, before making our way east to their intimate wedding reception held at BerBer Social in downtown Toronto. This was a wedding where I knew the groom personally, as Johar and I had collaborated together on a few yoga classes at The Clarity Centre in Oakville. Thank you friends for a great evening, and some really memorable images.

David & Sheian

I met David a few years back at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where he was performing (please visit Crystal Journey) as part of an event with Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki. I was thrilled when David personally asked me to do the photography at the wedding, and it was so very nice spending time with his beautiful wife Sheian, their family and friends. In over two decades of photographing many diverse weddings, it was an absolute first when to my surprise I was invited to sit at the head table alongside the couple and their family. It demonstrated to me how deeply that David & Sheian care about all of the people who were there with them on their day – truly an honour… The unofficial theme from my perspective revolved around great music & sound vibrations, community, and love – it was truly a pleasure being in that space throughout the day. Gary Diggins did a wonderful job leading the ceremony, and performing with his band members into the evening under the stars at Westfield Heritage Village. Lighting of the lanterns at the end of the evening was a special moment, while the band played on during this time. Traditionally, the lighting of lanterns is often used to celebrate commitment; aid in gaining spiritual strength to overcome problems, help ourselves/others to attain enlightenment, and for the peace of the world and happiness of all beings…

Jacqueline’s Family Photos

The country always makes for a perfect backdrop for family photos! Jacqueline won the family photo session through the silent auction at Moksha Yoga Guelph’s June 23rd Yogathon. We all had a ton of fun playing around with different locations at her family’s farm, and I loved the t-shirt collaboration of blue that everybody arrived with. Off-camera flash helped fill in the shadows from the “high noon” sun, I use a tripod mounted system, with a radio slave. Great family photography can happen anywhere, especially when a location close to the heart is selected as in this instance. One of the best things about being a professional photographer is the journey to where the photos will take place – the Sunday drive in the country was magnificent.

Katrina & Brett

Thank you to my freinds Kat & Brett for an outstanding Scottish wedding. Brett had me out with the guys to play a round of golf the day before at Ancaster’s Knowllwood, so I really felt as though I knew the wedding party on their big day. The kilts always make for great colour in the images.

What to Wear During an Engagement Photo Shoot

Most brides don’t have the luxury of hiring a professional stylist when it comes to their engagement shoot, but with a little bit of creativity you and your husband-to-be can be the most stunning couple on and off camera. It’s always best to bring at least five outfits for each of you so that you can have a variety of choices. Always keep in mind that when it comes to your choice in outfit, it should be appropriate for your chosen location. For example, you won’t be wearing a bikini in the middle of a forest would you? Unless you are sticking to a medieval theme, then your outfits should be more or less simple and well-coordinated with each other, but not too “matchy” with each other. You can also check out The Sartorialist and Garance Dore for more style inspiration.

Do you remember the day when your husband proposed to you? Relish that moment, and with that thought in your mind, just exude that light and love to your husband and to the camera as well. If you want to highlight your engagement ring, you should wear less accessories and stick to classic ones like a pair of pearl earrings. When it comes to your outfits, avoid busy patterns and really loud colors such as reds and oranges as it may overwhelm the whole color scheme of your shoot.

Since you’re ready with your wardrobe, your attitude as a couple should also match. Be comfortable and candid with each other. It might take a while to get used to the camera but your engagement photos will be phenomenal when you just work together to just naturally show off your chemistry.

5 Tips For Engagement Photo Shoots

When we think of photography as it relates to marriage, it’s typical to jump right to the actual wedding photos. After all, these are the ones that people tend to talk about and reference for the rest of their lives! However, while taking good wedding photos is an absolute necessity, there is also a step that comes long before the wedding arrives, and which also relies on an excellent photographer and good, unique ideas: the engagement photo shoot.

Soon after the engagement is an absolutely wonderful time to take photos with your new fiancé. The groom-to-be will be bursting with happiness and confidence, and the bride-to-be will be radiant and beautiful. Whatever the case, you should take the opportunity to capture your happiness with a fun photo shoot. Plus, you can use these photos in wedding announcements and invitations! Here are 5 tips for a great engagement photo shoot.

1. Meet The Photographer
Generally, this is a good idea whenever hiring a photographer for anything. However, for engagement shoots, it becomes even more important. Whereas wedding photos are usually staged and practiced, engagement photos work best when they are happy, natural, and candid. Meeting and spending time with the photographer will help you to feel at ease during the shoot, which should ultimately result in better photos.

2. Use Fun Settings
Don’t just settle for an engagement shoot in your back yard. Consider fun settings around town. People should see your engagement photos as fun and romantic, and these sorts of images are easiest to achieve in environments that naturally inspire playfulness and beauty. Spend some time scoping out the town or considering favourite spots for shoot locations.

3. Stay Candid
As mentioned, engagement photos work best when they’re fun and natural, and that means it’s important to stay candid. Instead of posing for photos, have your photographer follow you on a date, or watch you during an activity. Newly engaged couples, after all, certainly don’t have to stage open and buoyant affection!

4. Try Fun Themes
In addition to finding fun settings around town for your shoot, you may also want to consider specific themes. This is your best shot to be creative, whether that means taking photos in and around water, coordinating your attire to match your surroundings, etc.

5. Take Your Time
Finally, don’t rush your engagement photo shoot. It can be tempting to treat this shoot as a checklist item along the way to preparing for your wedding. However, the best way to get legitimate, candid photos is to take your time and relax doing it. Hire a photographer to follow you for a whole day, or even a whole weekend, and you’ll be sure to end up with some beautiful pictures. Check out Marta & Jordan’s fun, fall engagement session at Paletta Lakefront Mansion.

Over The Years

From former wedding photography clients who are adding to their families, and travel to exotic locations, this post is a small collection of some of the events I have been able to be a part of through the work. This career has taken me to San Francisco & exploring northern California (the Redwoods are truly breathtaking) to Los Angeles, and the high dessert of Joshua Tree California. Montreal, Jamaica, Punta Cana, and The Dominican Republic were all stops along the wedding photography route, as well as so many interesting parts of the Greater Toronto Area and my home Province of Ontario.