Michelle & Jeff – Ocho Rios, Jamaica @ RIU Resort

What can I say? How many professions enable one to leave the country for the Caribbean, and spend time in the sun on the beach with approximately 30 other amazing people for a week? I had taken Jeff & Michelle’s engagement photos last fall, who were referred to me by her uncle Roger, who’s wedding I photographed last year. We had such a great day on the engagement, that the couple started to entertain the idea of having me come along with them to photograph their destination wedding. Often as a photographer, one’s role is to capture moments, but in this case I actually was a part of the experience, and involved in the the many stories that we will be able to tell for years to come.

The Ocho Rios, Jamaica – RIU resort was beautiful, and the wedding day went very smooth, other than a small storm that blew through for about 15 minutes right before the ceremony (that’s good luck guys!). The hours thereafter presented perfect weather, and we set up a special “trash the dress (& suit)” shoot for dawn a few days later. My buddy, and fellow professional photographer Paul was able to come along, which always makes for great creative photo collaboration.

The people of Jamaica are amazing, and I am really understanding the late Bob Marley’s words when he sings about “One Love”, as you can feel that vibe in the country. What a place where the answer to almost every question is “yeah mon” and “no problem”. I was able to play some authentic reggae music with the band on a song, and appreciate everyone coming to see me on my little mishap at Dunn’s Falls – the toe will heal fine here at home! Thank you everyone for an absolutely amazing experience, the good times together, and for inviting me to spend a week with your wonderful family & friends. I’m sure that this is the beginning of many great friendships to come; I am already missing the meetings by the pool bar, and the distinctive sound of steal drums in the distance…

Keisha Adams - December 22, 2010 - 1:14 am

Hi Jeff & Michelle,

I must say your day turned out beautiful and your photos says to me that you truly enjoyed your day. One Love from the Riu Ocho Rios.